Love Is In The Air With Essential Oils

Last week I spoke to an older lady who asked me point blank about oils to help her husband “in the bedroom.”  Sometimes, people will whisper when they say things that might make others uncomfortable, but she just went for it.  I thought it was wonderful. This is a... read more

Fabulous Florals – Rose & Jasmine

Love is in the air and these two rare oils are well known for their sensual properties! Let’s talk about– rose and jasmine.  These oils are difficult to source because of the number of blossoms required to obtain a small amount of oil.  They are highly sought after... read more

Choosing The Right Essential Oil Brand For You

Two of the biggest questions I get, and usually at the same time, are: What brand of oils do you use? AND  How did you choose a brand? There is not one essential oil brand for everyone out there, but there are brands of essential oils that provide better therapeutic... read more

New doTERRA Product Wish List

  As you may have heard, doTERRA is releasing 23 new and/or improved products on October 3, 2016. As you learn more about these products, use this wish list to rate them based on your desire to order the essential oils, spa items, supplements, and kid-approved... read more

How to Select the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser

Since the day I started using essential oils, diffusing has been my favorite way to use them. I don’t want you to miss out on diffusing, so I’ve put together these tips for how to select the perfect essential oil diffuser by knowing what you need and how you want to... read more

How to Make Your Own Roller Bottles

  I am frequently asked how I make my mixes and magic “potions” that I use all the time for my kids, myself, and even my dog. What people are referring to are the essential oil roller bottles that are so often in my purse, in my kids’ backpacks, and all over the... read more

Vivre le réve!!!

Learn to live your dream. Have you ever had the feeling you had the potential to be more, do more, or have more? Here are some tips to start moving in the direction you were born to go. You were born to win but first you must plan to win and prepare to win and then, and only then can you expect to win.

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Gnocchi for Two

I love to cook! I especially love to try new recipes. This one was a huge hit on our last “stay-at-home-date-night”. 1 (10 oz) bag potato gnocchi 1 TB coconut oil, divided 1/2 bell pepper, sliced into strips 1/2 medium onion, chopped 1 garlic clove, minced... read more