Let’s Talk Lashes

I am always looking for new beauty hacks to add to my morning routine and since my eyelashes aren’t as long and luscious as I like, I am always trying some new $30 mascara to get them there. Then, I read that adding one drop of rosemary and lavender to your... read more

Time for some grooming!

Pet tip #2:  My little dog, Kaci, has hair that would grow until she looked like Cousin It.  She needs regular grooming but after a bad experience at a groomer, she is anxious and nervous when the groomer comes.  We have a mobile groomer come to the house to decrease... read more

Lemonade Zingers

Cooking tip:  For a fabulous lemonade bar, mix regular lemonade (squeezed is great, but I frequently have to go with the mix), and then give people a choice of fresh fruit and essential oils to add to their lemonade!  Everyone will have a great time mixing and... read more

Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Last month, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid for 2 amazing friends. As I was packing my bag with typical items such as deodorant, protein bars, bandages, lint brush, and much more, I knew my survival kit would look at little different. And I am pretty sure... read more

A Little Ginger Goes a Long Way

When creating dinners with essential oils, I learned the hard way that cooking with oils like ginger, basil, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, and black pepper can ruin a dish if you use too much. Even one drop of lavender in your cupcake frosting can be disastrous. Unlike... read more

Horse of a different color

My children all love riding horses.  We do not live in the country, but we definitely live in horse country.  My oldest daughter started training last year in dressage (riding patterns), and she was really advancing when she started to develop patterns of sneezing and... read more

Water Bottle Blues

I love it when my friends and family send me their own essential oils hacks so when I got this image from my sister, Laura, I knew I had to share. “When no one in town sells glass spray bottles” Using colored glass containers to store and mix your oils is... read more

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Pet tip #1:  If you have pets like me, you don’t even need a weather app to tell you when rain is coming. My baby ShihTzu, Riley, will snuggle a little closer, her body shakes a little, and every little noise sets her on edge. And this is before the thunder... read more

Party All Night…Sleep All Day

Not me, of course. The dogs! It never fails that when I have a crazy, busy day scheduled, the dogs want to play all night. Thank goodness for wild orange and peppermint in the morning diffuser. Instant mood changer. Just breathe! This blend is calming plus it boosts... read more

Every Morning…

…you’ll find my tending to my little garden. And when I happen to find little holes in the plants, you’ll find me spraying a combination of peppermint, lemongrass, and an essential oils repellent blend on the leaves.  Bye, bye bugs! Add 5 – 10... read more