Love is in the air and these two rare oils are well known for their sensual properties! Let’s talk about– rose and jasmine.  These oils are difficult to source because of the number of blossoms required to obtain a small amount of oil.  They are highly sought after because of their amazing benefits and properties.

Jasmine essential oil from the jasmine flower is a beautiful, aromatic oil.  It has been used for centuries in Asia to boost mood, decrease stress reactions, balance hormones, and increase libido. Love is in the Air diffuser (1) Research suggests jasmine oil impacts the nervous system and creates many positive reactions.  It has a seductive scent frequently used as an aphrodisiac because of its libido boosting properties.  Women also love jasmine as a natural perfume with the added benefit of hormone support for all stages from post-pregnancy, to monthly support, to menopause.   Jasmine oil can be inhaled, diffused, or applied directly to the skin.  It is recommended to use it undiluted to get the best benefit, or you can create your own lotions or massage oils.  Overall, even a few drops of jasmine oil are worth obtaining!!


Rose is even more delicate and more difficult to source than jasmine.  Did you know it takes 60,000 roses or 2,160,000 rose petals to make just 1 ounce of rose essential oil!? Many synthetic and diluted forms of rose oil out there but comparing those oils to a pure rose oil is like comparing a Luxurious Bath Salts-bowl of strawberries to Strawberry Quik!!  They can’t compare and the benefits will be dramatic with the pure rose oil.  Rose oil is amazing for the skin, it is emotionally uplifting, and it promotes feelings of relaxation.  We all know how uplifting the smell of a sweet rose can be, and the essential oil takes that power and multiplies it.  In your skincare products, rose can improve the appearance of skin and make your skin more receptive to the nutrients in your natural skincare products. Finally, rose oil is also a key bedroom booster.  Rubbing rose oil on the back of your neck or putting one drop in the diffuser can greatly help increase the va-va-voom in the bedroom!  I have one friend who has shared with me that rose oil saved her marriage!

Jasmine oil is generally priced around $250 for a 5 ml bottle and Rose closer to $400.  Because of how rare they are, they are not available for purchase but they are currently available as a product sharing special.  Basically, you share doTERRA with others and show them the benefits of essential oils, and you can earn 1 of 4 special edition oils (unique Aspire blend, unique One blend, jasmine or rose).  Which oil you receive is dependent on the number of people you share with.  Here is a blog with additional information on the requirements.


If you are on my team or not currently connected to another team, I would love to help you earn one of these oils.  There are a few different options:

  • Interested in the business opportunity with doTERRA? This is a great time to get started and I would love to tell you about the options and mentor you as you get started!
  • Currently building or sharing doTERRA but want help jumpstarting this challenge? Contact me about options for help with your referrals.  I will help you with what to say to invite them on a call with you and me together and then I can present doTERRA to them!
  • Not interested in the business side but want to earn some of these oils? Set up referrals either through a party or on a call (online or in person) and you will earn product credit towards the oils of your choice.   Because each person can only earn one of these oils, I will offer sample roller bottles or drams.    I will provide scripts on how to invite your friends.   Everyone will benefit!


Do not let this opportunity pass you by!  What if you could try the rose or jasmine oil yourself? This offer ends Feb 28 so we need to start talking to people right away!  Email me today and I’ll forward the scripts you will need to share with your friends with no pressure on them!