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Today is the Grand launch of the Dr. Julie Bates page.  My goal is to provide a forum with information and tips related to stewarding your own health.  This includes lifestyle, mental health, physical health, parenting, organization, success, leadership, and anything else that pops into my mind.  This month, we are going to spotlight resources and tools you can use in your endeavors to take back control in your life.  Specifically, we are going to share 30 tips in 30 days related primarily to essential oils usage.  In the last year of using essential oils, I have noticed great changes in all aspects of my life. My health is better, my mood is improved, my attitude is more positive.  I have stronger friendships, better parenting skills, and even a happy dog!!  It has opened up so many opportunities for me in self development and growth.  And the key to finding that peace and support yourself is education.  Learn about the options out there and then learn to use them!  And this month, I am going to provide those tips and tricks that will make it easier for you!

So get ready for 30 tips in 30 days!  Follow on Facebook as well to catch some great contests and special offers.

My tip for today is related to getting started for the day.  Sleep is another entire issue to discuss and getting good sleep makes all the difference the next morning, but I am NOT a morning person and I need something to get me going in the morning.  I have found several essential oils blends that help me jump start my morning (plus some to help with grouchy family members!)  In the morning, I pull on my yoga pants and stumble out to make breakfast for my gang.  First thing I do is get my kitchen diffuser going with an invigorating citrus blend of essential oils.  Sometimes I add a boost of bergamot, or a mood stabilizing grounding blend mix.  Mornings are tough and everyone is headed out for a long day.  I want to give them the best start so every day is as exciting as the first day of school!!


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Have a question or want to request a specific tip?  Send an email to julie@drjuliebates.com and if your question is chosen for our spotlight, you get a free gift!


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