Parenting is definitely a challenge. When my fourth child was born, we had kiddos ages: infant, 2, 4, and 6. Boy, were we a sight in the grocery store or in the airport. People looked at us and either appeared worried, scared, or just plain shocked. Scared was primarily when they saw us coming towards them on an airplane. And I consistently heard, “Wow, you have your hands full!” Hmmm, you think? Perhaps you’d like to hold the screaming, drooling one with the dirty diaper for me for a bit? But really, my hands were not full. I could still hold a pacifier, diaper bag, 2 sippy cups, a dirty Kleenex, and a couple rocks found on the road that were just too special to leave behind.
As my kids get older (currently ages 6, 8, 10, & 12), the challenges change. We are preparing a vacation again this winter and I realized my youngest was now the age my oldest was on that first trip that scared other plane passengers. I no longer carry a diaper bag but there are probably still a couple rocks or sticks hanging around in my car. Now the challenges are homework, limiting screen time, traveling with friends, and getting to activities. I went from being a human cargo plane to being a chauffeur. I definitely appreciate the fact that everyone can walk on their own now!
We have always traveled a lot with our children and now even our travel looks different. Since I started using essential oils, packing is a new too. My son is preparing for his first weekend trip with friends. I have packed his vitamins, protective spray (please spray down your hotel room and especially the remote control!), his diffuser, sleep oils, sunscreen oils, mosquito spray oils, and in-case-you need them oils.  Last year, I was flying a lot to teach essential health classes and I learned all the in’s and out’s of flying with oils. I like to have my oils with me, so I carried them on the plane. Generally, I carried about 16 full size bottles, my 64 samples case, samples to share, a spray bottle with protective blend, and peppermint beadlets. I used the protective spray the minute I sat down on my tray table and arm rests. I put peppermint and wild orange behind my ears to help with pressure and digestive health, and I put a grounding blend on my wrists for peace.



One of the main questions I hear is about security and how to get through the airport with oils. I never had any problems. I don’t even put them in a plastic bag, I just send them through the scanner. If I was asked, I told them they were essential oils for wellness purposes. Twice they “swiped” the bottles but each time I went through without problems. One TSA lady even commented on how good my diffuser necklace smelled. And many times I shared samples with people on the plane after they saw me using the oils. This winter will be the first time all 6 of us have flown with essential oils, and I am glad I will be prepared!


My go-to oils for travel:

Protective spray:
2 ml glass spray bottle
15 drops protective blend
fill with water
Use as a non-toxic cleaner on hands and surfaces

Digestive Health:
Peppermint beadlets to swallow/chew
Peppermint oil behind ears and on wrists (inhale deeply)

Ears won’t pop:
1 drop peppermint oil
1 drop lavender oil
rub behind ears

Nervous on planes:
1 drop wild orange oil
1 drop grounding blend oil
put in palms and on “perfume points” (inhale deeply)

Upset baby on plane
1 drop lavender oil
2 drops coconut oil (if you have it)
spread on feet and gently massage in

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