Hello, my name is Julie Bates. I am the mother of four children ages 11, 9, 7 and 5. I am a clinical psychologist and have practiced for over 15 years. I have thought about writing a blog for many years and started one in the past, but did not continue. I want the blog to reflect who I am but also to be a blessing to others in numerous areas of life related to raising children, taking care of yourself, spiritual understanding, health and awareness and any topic that comes to mind and appears worth writing about. I hope the blog will be beneficial to people struggling or even laughing at the foibles in life that are related to being the mother of small children, a wife, a professional, a business owner or even just a person in general. My hope is to be Spirit led in this blog to provide information that not only makes us laugh or makes us cry or provides a helpful hint, but also shows the support and leading of God in my life to hopefully benefit your life.

With that goal in mind, for the blog overall and for my life in general, I am trying to teach myself and my children to give to God first of my time, first of my love, first of my finances, first of my praise, first of my questions or confusions and first in all glory. So in starting this blog, I will give to Him first and hope you will follow me on the journey to see where He leads us.

Dear Lord, thank you for your wisdom on this day. I pray for your blessing over this blog, your leading and your spirit in helping me find the words and the voice I wish to share; your vision in the topics and the comments and the support to provide information that is helpful to others as well as that I might need for myself. I pray for your support and continue to walk with you everyday to listen for your voice, to follow you in all that I do and to give glory to you in all that is in my life.

In Christ Name We Pray, Amen.

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