My children all love riding horses.  We do not live in the country, but we definitely live in horse country.  My oldest daughter started training last year in dressage (riding patterns), and she was really advancing when she started to develop patterns of sneezing and headaches while riding.  We realized she had developed an allergic reaction to the horses.  She was disappointed but determined and we started using over the counter options to help her get through her lessons without as much distress. But this had secondary effects and so I begin searching for other options.  With essential oils, I found a blend that helped her body support healthy breathing and decrease reactions to the horses.  We mixed her blend in a roller bottle and diluted with a liquid coconut oil and she would roll it on her neck before and after riding.  And that was it!!  No more problems.

At a family reunion in the Colorado mountains, we whipped this out when she was going to go riding with all her cousins (once removed). My cousin mentioned her youngest could never ride with his brothers because of his reactions to the horses.  That afternoon, he followed his siblings to the barn and came back with his eyes itchy and swollen. She tried a sample of our Horse Fun blend and within 2 minutes he wasn’t itching and within 20 minutes (with a second application), he was back to normal!! He is so excited that now he can follow big brother around the barn without problems.

Blend: 10 ml roller bottle, 5 drops each of lemon, lavender, peppermint and fill with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil.



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