Cooking tip:  For a fabulous lemonade bar, mix regular lemonade (squeezed is great, but I frequently have to go with the mix), and then give people a choice of fresh fruit and essential oils to add to their lemonade!  Everyone will have a great time mixing and experimenting with their own flavors.  My six year old just puts everything in one glass!  What you need:

Glass cups (essential oils can break down plastics)



Fresh fruits: blueberries, raspberries, orange slices, cucumbers

Essential oils of your choice:  ginger, lime, wild orange, basil (great with raspberries!), grapefruit

Encourage people to start with just a toothpick dip in the oils and swirl.  A full drop might be a bit much until they are sure it is to their liking!

Note:  Only use therapeutic grade oils with a supplemental facts label on the bottle when putting oils in your food or drinks.


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