Living this crazy Mom life

Last week, we were visiting Plymouth colony and as I was walking out, I saw a mother pushing a toddler. Probably around 2 years old with white, silky blond hair. Snot running down his face, tears streaking his round baby cheeks. He was having a come-apart. I walked behind the two of them for several minutes. He was crying and saying repeatedly, “I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!” Initially, mom was calm and I heard her say, “We are going home. Boys that act like this do not get to stay.” Good job, mom! They walked for several more feet with him continuing with his whiny refrain, “I don’t want to go!” Her nerves started to fray. She said, “That is enough. It is time to stop. If you continue this behavior, you are going straight to bed when we get home.” But he was too far gone by this point and “when we get home” was too far away for him to process.
My path diverged from hers, but I passed her again later on her way out to the parking lot. By this time, she had come-apart a bit too. She was now carrying him and pushing the stroller. This is classic, right? He was still crying and insisting he wanted to stay. I heard her say, “It’s too late now. The whole day is ruined. That’s just great because now it’s all ruined.” Now, she looked near tears too.  She wouldn’t make eye contact with me, and I wish I had stopped her. I wish I had said, “Mama, you got this.” We’ve all been there and we all worry what other people are thinking when our child is falling apart in public. But when it is your child, you forget, “WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!” And so, we should reach out to comfort that mom and lift her up as a fellow mom and a fellow warrior in this job of parenthood.


I just want to say, “Mama, you got this.”

May is the month of cray cray crazy. All moms know that. It is end of school with final projects, teacher gifts, award ceremonies, banquets, recitals, class parties, and exams. It is the time of year when we are sending lunches that are scrounged from the bottom of the fridge with wilted carrots, bread with butter, and the last bag of crushed chips. Long gone are the days of Bento boxes with sandwiches cut in cute shapes. Getting out of the house each day is a challenge and we are lucky if we have brushed our hair. Many moms are walking around with a smile but feeling like a fraud because they look okay on the outside but do not feel okay on the inside. Stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, depression can all creep in as we rush, rush, rush through the days. Watching our babies grow up too quickly and trying to be everywhere and do everything.

“You got this.”

We need to pause and look at our fellow moms and say, “You got this!” Your kiddos are excited to reach the end of the year. You did it. It will all get done. The awards will be given, the teacher gifts delivered, the parties attended or not. Breathe and tell yourself, “I got this.” You are the imperfect mom designed to be exactly what your child needs. You might be handling it one day at a time or one moment at a time, but you are handling it. You got this.

There are so many moments in this mom journey when we need someone to look at us and say, “You got this.” To validate what we are doing. To recognize where we are struggling. To acknowledge that this mom thing is not easy. We are trying to do more then just keep our kids alive. We want them to thrive. We want them to be exceptional. We want to see them become adults with all the qualities we desire – honesty, integrity, loyalty, work ethic, sincerity, faith, love, and character. We worry that this mistake or that fault of our own will send them to therapy as adults rather than set them on the path designed for them. But we have to remember WE were DESIGNED for them. Chosen by God to parent these small beings. We might be figuring it out as we go, but WE’VE GOT THIS!


Parenting has so many peaks and valleys it is the ultimate emotional roller coaster. There is no manual that truly prepares you for the depth of the love you will feel. The days of despair. The confusion and doubt. The joy and extreme excitement. The stress and sleeplessness. The mama-bear protectiveness and the extreme fear of the “what could happen.” But again, I say – You were DESIGNED for this. In all your imperfections, your doubts, your beauty, your fear, your thoughtfulness, your love, your joy, your pain. You were designed for this.



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