Monticello spoke to me about our own trip.  Jefferson realized in his life, “The more I see, the more I read, the more I go talk to people, the more broad views I have, the more I learn.”  He was able to create amazing innovations because of the experiences he exposed himself too.  He went to France for 5 years and came back and redid his home because he realized there were so many other options out there he never knew about.  It made it even better, improved it and expanded. Reading and books did that same thing for him.  He sold over 6000 books to the Library of Congress but then grieved their loss and bought over 1000 more.  He learned to read in 7 languages because there were things he wanted to read that had not been translated to English.

This trip is the same for us.  We are exposing our kids to possibilities; to options for learning.  Our hopes for our kids are they can go to different areas of the country and see how people live, grow, work, and develop.  They can go to homes of Thomas Jefferson and see how he lived, where he slept, how he solved problems and know he was just a man.  He was a man who made mistakes; a man who kept slaves; but also a man who sought to solve problems and to help others.  He struggled with recommending “equality for all” but maintaining slavery.  He was not perfect.

When you get stuck in an area of your life, what do you do?  You go to a training, talk to people, get new opinions or views.  It helps you get a new perspective; look at the problem from a different direction and then start moving forward.  If you do not do this, you will stagnate and struggle and possibly even give up thinking the problem cannot be solved.  But look at it again.  What if it could be solved?  Be the best you and when you do not feel your best, go somewhere new, read something different, change your surroundings and you will change yourself.




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