Live the Dream!

I think everyone would say they want to live their dreams.  Ziglar says people all want the same things…

What People Want

People want to be happy.

People want to be healthy.

People want to be reasonably prosperous.

People want to be secure.

People want to have friends.

People want to have peace of mind.

People want to have good family relationships.

People want to have hope that the future will be even better.

But, do you ever feel stuck and like you can’t seem to get moving in the direction you want?  Last week, I was at a conference and Tom Ziglar presented an exercise.  Take time and answer these questions for yourself.  You do not need to over-think your answers, but you might spend some time on each one. 

First, what is an OBSTACLE you have overcome in your life?  Something difficult you had to go through that had a big impact on your life?  For me, this was moving all the time as a child of an Air Force officer.  From a child’s perspective, I felt like I lost everything each time we moved… my home, my friends, my school, and sometimes even my pets.  And to me, my parents always had each other.  They went together.  I missed seeing how much they left behind too because they protected us from that.  This caused problems in my relationships as a young adult until a fabulous therapist pointed out that this was an “adolescent way” of looking at things.  That hurt, but it was accurate.  Since then, I have recognized I also developed this subconscious belief that people always quit.  Ouch.  I am learning to lean on others and that it is okay to need people.  It is good to always be growing.

Second question:  What are the QUESTIONS people always ask you?  We all have those “things” that people always bring to us.  Maybe it is about gardening… or fixing computers… or best business tips.  Maybe people ask you for fashion tips, relationship advice, or sports tips.  I had to think about this one for awhile.  With my psychology background, people ask me for relationship help, parenting tips, and emotional support.  But I also notice people ask me to solve problems.  Not always mental health problems.  Sometimes it is things such as setting up a business, traveling with kids, and more.  So, what are the questions people ask you?

Finally, what makes your HEART SING?  What do you love to do in your life?  There is no wrong answer here!  What is the first thing that comes to your mind?  I love to lead leaders.  I love to motivate people and show them that they can be more then they are meant to be.  More than they ever thought possible.  I love to speak to groups and show them how they are born to win. You must plan to win, prepare to win and then and only then can you expect to win.

So, what now?  Now you consider where all of those things overlap.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.43.27 PM

There is that overlap where these three things come together.  Find that spot and you have found your WHY.  The thing that inspires you and the thing you were meant to do.  Cross all three of these things and you will never feel like you are working, you will be living your passion.  Have a fabulous week!

Dr. Julie Bates