I love it when my friends and family send me their own essential oils hacks so when I got this image from my sister, Laura, I knew I had to share.

Laura bottle

“When no one in town sells glass spray bottles”

Using colored glass containers to store and mix your oils is the best ways to protect your investment. Here are 7 other ways to handle and store your essential oils.

1. Store citrus essential oils in the refrigerator. They can last up to 2 years this way.
2. Avoid adding essential oils to plastic or styrofoam containers. Some oils can damage these product and can increase toxins during usage.
3. Avoid direct sunlight when storing oils. Bright lights can break down the chemical aspects of the oil rendering it less effective.
4. Wash your hands after handling essential oils. It only takes a rubbing your eye once after using peppermint to learn this lesson.
5. Do your research. Know when and how to dilute oils especially for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin
6.  Do not put oils on your wood furniture.  Some can eat the varnish and you never know when a drop might have escaped.  However, wild orange can make an amazing wood polish!
7.  Keep your oils tightly capped.  They can evaporate.

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