When it comes to the story of Noah, what are some of the biggest questions in your mind?

How did he fit all those animals in?

How did he feed them?

Would I have that level of faith?

What did the people around him think?

How big was the Ark?

Did it STINK?

Faith like Noah.  I have wondered all of these questions and at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, they have pondered the same questions and created their vision of what the Ark might have been like.  They built it to scale based on the Biblical dimensions.  It is HUGE!  Imagine that sitting in your backyard.  “Oh, don’t mind me, just building a gigantic boat.  Going to do some fishing.”

The Ark Encounter tried to imagine the most efficient and most likely ways the animals were housed, fed, and cleaned up after.  They created rows of cages from tiny mouse cages to larger elephant and dinosaur cages.  It makes sense the animals would have been young both to decrease their size and leave a longer life span for repopulating.  But an elephant is still an elephant!  The Ark Encounter shows some ingenious ways of feeding multiple animals rapidly, cleaning up and disposing of waste back into the water, and keeping things afloat so to speak.  Personal living quarters, small gardens, a blacksmith area and wood working areas.  All likely aspects of Ark life.

It must have been a lot of work, but maybe not more work then the original building of the Ark!  They were used to hard work.  I wonder if there was complaining like we have gotten on our trip.  “I had to clean the dinosaur cage last week!  It is Ham’s turn this time!”

The faith to follow a path that seems unknown and bigger then you is a hard faith to swallow.  But are our days much different then the days of Noah?  If you are called to step out in a big way, are you ready to do it?  In my mind, having a faith that large requires drawing closer and listening to the voice of God.  When you are listening to his whispers, you hear the steps needed to step out in that faith.  Mark Batterson talks in his newest book about the different ways God speaks to us: whispers, doors, dreams, desires, people, Scripture.   I was thinking about how he spoke to Noah.  Probably in all of these ways except Scripture!  Sometimes we tell ourselves that God does not speak to us in the ways he did in Noah’s time, but is he not speaking or are we not listening?






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